Becoming a Member

How to become a member:

  1. Review the Club by-laws and operation procedures documents to understand how the Club operates and its expectations of members.
  2. Contact the Club President or other member to discuss interest and to answer questions. If membership is desired then:
  3. Download and complete the Club application form (available from our website).
  4. Download FAA records request form (available from our website) and submit to obtain your pilot record. Have records sent to you to bring to us.
  5. Download the National Driving Record request form (available from our website) and submit to obtain a copy of your driving record. A current state driving record is also acceptable. Have record sent to you to bring to us.
  6. When completed application and background checks are in hand, contact the Club President to schedule interview with members of the Club board.
  7. Bring the application, the FAA and DMV background checks and $50.00 application fee to the interview. The interview will review the application, explore your desire to join the Club, discuss your financial wherewithal to be a member, go over how the Club works and answer any questions.
  8. Upon notification by the board of eligibility to join the Club, you will contact the Club Safety Officer and schedule a Club check out. The check out will orientate you with the Club aircraft, the Club facilities and detailed Club operating procedures.
  9. When the Safety Officer determines you understand the Club procedures, he will collect the $450.00 joining fee, establish you into the Club aircraft scheduling system and give you the necessary, gate, door and computer codes.
  10. You and the Safety Officer (or another Club CFI) will then complete a Club aircraft check ride to verify your ability to safely fly the aircraft.
  11. Once the aircraft check ride has been successfully completed, the Safety Officer will configure the scheduling system to allow you to independently schedule aircraft.