About Our Flying Club

The BEAVER VALLEY FLYING CLUB is a not-for-profit organization which has been in operation since 1967 for the purpose of providing low cost flying for individuals from a wide range of economic backgrounds. Many people have found the utilization of Club aircraft to be much more practical and financially feasible than owning or renting other aircraft.

The Club also provides great fellowship with those who have a genuine interest in aviation. Club meetings are held at Beaver County Airport in the Community College of Beaver County classrooms or at the Club hangars. Visitors are always welcome at Club meetings. See our event calendar for the date and time of our next meeting.

The BEAVER VALLEY FLYING CLUB consists of members from all walks of life. Our membership consists of new student pilots to high time professional pilots.

We do have a restriction to the number of members. Our by-laws limit the club to no more than 60 members. The main reason for this limitation is to assure the availability of the aircraft for the membership. An airplane is almost always available.

Cost of Membership

There is a ONE-TIME APPLICATION FEE of $50 to join the club. This covers the cost of credit and background checks.

The INITIATION FEE to join the BEAVER VALLEY FLYING CLUB is $1000 (January 2018). This will be do upon your acceptance into the Club and when given access to club assets. Usually after you attend a club meeting, and are interviewed by the Board of Directors. The membership is a family membership which allows all family members to fly with some minor restrictions.

The MONTHLY DUES are determined annually ($54.00 in 2017) and are based on the fixed cost of Club operations (Insurance, Hangars, Online Scheduling etc). In addition to the monthly dues, members must fly, or will be billed for, a minimum of three hours of flying per quarter. The purpose of this minimum is to encourage the membership to fly at least one hour per month and to amortize aircraft inspection cost equally over all members.

The FLYING FEES are set so that they pay for the cost of operating the aircraft. As a not-for-profit organization, the fees are set to cover the projected cost of operating the aircraft with no profit included in the fees.

Becoming a Member

For more information on how to become a member, check out our guide.